yemeni haneeth lamb rice

how to make yemeni haneeth lamb rice recipe step by step with pictures

ingredients for yemeni haneeth lamb rice

Meat according to family members + Black Pepper + cumin + turmeric + Arab spices +2 tomatoes sliced + bell pepper sut into cubes +2 sliced onion + sliced garlic +4 cups of rice washed and soaked in water for half an hour + raisins soaked in water + olive oil + saffron soaked in rose water

Season the meat well with spices

Put a little oil in a frying pan and fry the meat on both sides

Wash the lemon and banana leafs

Lay lemons and banana leafs in the bottom of the pressure cooker

Then add some tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic

Put the meat mixture vegetables in a pressure cooker

Then the rest of the vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic

Put lemon leafs and then cover with banans leafs

Cover the pressure cooker and leave it on a low heat for an hour and a half to two hours

After the meat well cooked put it on the oven tray

Extracted all the components in the pressure cooker and put it in another saucepan

put a little water over the broth and salinization it as desired

Put rice after filtered it from the water and leaves on medium heat until cooked

Sprinkle the saffron soaked in rose water and raisins

Cover the pot and leaves it on a low heat until the water evaporates

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